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If you’re prone to getting sinus infections, you know that a course of antibiotics is the normal treatment prescribed by a doctor. If you’ve ever searched for simple and natural alternative treatments for sinus infections then look no more; it’s time that you are introduced to one of my top elderberry tea benefits.


My son, who is now 17-years-old, used to suffer from sinus infections every year during both the Spring and Fall allergy seasons. I discovered elderberry tea 10 years ago during a trip to Iceland. It was early April and still cold there when on the second day, I noticed thick, green mucus coming from his nose.


A sinus infection can really knock you on your back so I knew we needed to find some relief quickly. Being out of the country, I didn’t have health insurance, so I asked if there was an apothecary nearby; there was one about 7 blocks down – Jurta Apotek.


Luckily, pretty much everyone in Iceland speaks English so I was able to communicate freely. The lady who helped us — I believe Jurta herself – went to one of the shelves and presented me with an amber glass jar labeled Ylliblom and filled with a loose, finely powdered substance. She told me to make a tea with it and serve it to him 3-4 times a day until the green mucus ran clear and 1-2 times a day thereafter, until we returned home.


The Results

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For the next 2 days, we stayed put in our apartment rental while I plied him with tea and honey. I had no idea what the stuff was but I do know that the next morning he woke up with mucus running down into his mouth, but it was completely clear.  His energy level was restored; I was flabbergasted at this miracle herb that worked so quickly.  It saved our vacation. We were able to resume our sightseeing the next day and I continued to give him the tea 2 times a day until our vacation was over.


When I returned home, I looked up Ylliblom and much to my surprise, it is the Icelandic word for elderberry flowers! The bottle was pretty substantial so I was able to continue seasonal treatment with the tea, both for myself and my son, for the next 4 years. It worked remarkably well — fast and thorough.  It has become my ‘go to’ herb for congestion anywhere in the upper respiratory tract. Neither I nor my son have had a sinus infection in the last three years, however, in the seven years after our introduction to elderberry, it never failed us.


Have you ever used the elderberry plant? Was it the flowers or the berries? orally? What did you use it to treat? Was it effective?

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  2. Sinus infections are very uncomfortable to say the least. We shouldn’t have to rely on medications for all of our ailments. I like to treat things with natural methods. My wife gets these way too often.
    I’d like to have her try elderberry tea. I can’t believe that it works this fast. Does it work for anything else? Thank you so much for a great recommendation! This elderberry tea is a life saver.

    • Hi Rob,

      Elderberry is good for many other conditions, however, I’ve found it to be most useful for sinus infections when used by itself. It has a long documented history of use for the flu in many countries around the world. I very rarely get the flu so I haven’t had a chance to use it for this purpose myself.

  3. I really enjoyed this post. I am learning how to become a herbalist so this really interest me. Thank you for the information and I will be subscribing but when I start making money to do so. Thank you so much for the post.

  4. Victoria, I really enjoyed reading this. I, too, seem to suffer from similar sinus infections a couple times during the year. Usually at the change of seasons. I haven’t personally used elderberry before, but your post sure makes me think I will be trying it out when I feel the onset of my next sinus issues. Thanks!

    • Thank you, @thebeardedbishop. There is actually an all natural over-the-counter elderberry formulation called Sambucol. You can usually find it in the allergies section at any drug store. I’ve used Sambucol for allergies but any time it has progressed to a full blown sinus infection, I’ve always fallen back on the tea, which isn’t made from the berries, but instead uses the leaves and flowers of the plant.

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